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Research: Cannabis can aid in the cultivation of new brain cells

Over the years, we have been surprised by such propaganda about cannabis that false information has spread all over the world, with thugs brainwashing the masses. Today, people are constantly unlearning and learning and are beginning to realize how ridiculous it was and still is in many parts of the world that cannabis is/is illegal despite its medical and health properties and that products that are harmful to life/biology, such as alcohol and cigarettes, are still perfectly legal.

All we have seen in relation to research on cannabis and the brain are its possible “harmful” effects. No one has ever investigated what makes the goo, but researchers are at least starting to look into it.

A study recently published in the journal Addiction by the University of Colorado Boulder team investigated substance use in the grey and white matter of the brain. Gray matter is the substance in the brain that includes cells, dendrites (“sniffers” on the ends of cells) and axon ends (the end that fits on receptors). White matter allows communication between groups of gray matter.

They compared alcohol with cannabis and found damage caused only by alcohol but not by cannabis.

In the comparison of grey matter and white matter, cannabis scored significantly better than alcohol. The study team concluded that “marijuana and related cannabinoid drugs … did not significantly have a long-term impact on the quantity of gray matter in the brain or the integrity of the white matter.

Another study on the long-term effects of cannabis on brain health came to the same conclusions. Staci Gruber led the study: “Weed may be greener: patients treated with medical marijuana show altered brain activity and improved executive function after three months of treatment. This study examined the long-term effects on the brain health of patients treated with medical marijuana.



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