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You want to know whether or not you’re a boring person? Then answer these question

Every person wants to believe that they are what they think of themselves. Some want to be seen as cool and lovely, others want to be seen as funny and outgoing, but I am sure that no one wants to be labeled as boring because let’s face it, no one wants to be around boring people and that is why we don’t want that boring label. We constantly try to avoid being boring but not many people know what is the meaning of a boring person, sure we can know and avoid them, but the criteria of a boring person is something that many people don’t really know.

We all hate the company of boring and life lacking human beings, and that is why we avoid being labeled as boring as much as we can. Boring people are really hard to get along or spend time with them, they rarely participate in conversations and when they do, everyone wants them to close their mouths because they either talk only about themselves or they keep complaining. They seem to be unable to interact with people normally. To be fair, they have their own sense of humor that is quite funny. But overall, they look like they don’t have any passion, goal, or love towards life.

That is why we should usually reconsider ourselves and ask ourselves this: Do the people around us feel bored when I am around? We are too busy judging others and labeling them and we forget about us. First, answer these questions to find out more things about yourself

1- Are you a good listener? Do you pay attention when others are talking to you, or do you think about a way to shift the subject to be around you?

2- Do you ask questions related to the subject that you and your partner are discussing (and your partner enjoys discussing that particular subject) or do you start ignoring everything by constantly looking at your phone to send a message about changing the subject?

3-When you are talking about something that you and your partner enjoy, do you let them talk equally t you, or you don’t let them share their thoughts that often?

4- Do you take turns with your partner to express opinions and thoughts about a certain topic that you both enjoy?

5- Are you really interested when your partner starts telling a certain story?

6- Do you know the subjects that the close people to you enjoy? If yes, do you start a conversation about those subjects deliberately just to make them happy? And do you do it often?

7- Do you notice when others really want to express their opinion and let them speak? Do you pay attention when you start talking for a long time and you start addressing too many points?

8- Do you know many stories and tales that can add a little bit of life into the conversation?

9- Are you courageous enough to share private things about you, the things that really bother you and make you feel weak, uncomfortable, and anxious?

10- Do people around you enjoy spending time with you?

If your answer was YES to most of these questions, then congratulations you may not be a boring person. If you answered NO to most of these questions, then you should take a look at yourself and try to improve your social and conversational skills. It is important to acknowledge your flaws and try to fix them. And remember, it is never too late to change to the better.


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