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Tree Healing Energy: How Can You Absorb The Energy From Trees In Order To Heal.

Trees, they are one of the most spiritual creatures on Earth, they are highly meditative and they provide us with a great load of positive energy.

Trees are able to help us heal using their energy. Having a relationship with trees is important and highly recommended as it can be one of the most beneficial things regarding our mental health.

The Healing abilities of a Tree

Trees aren’t only meant to convert Carbon Dioxide into oxygen, they also absorb the negative energy from their surroundings and provide us with the positive. Trees have some roots deep into earth and they’re able to reach the skies above, which makes them able to exchange energy with the whole earth.

Trees Are Healers and Friends

Trees are spiritually advanced creatures, they’re friendly with all living being and humans. They are able to help you relax when you are having a rough time and they provide you with answers to your questions. So it’s important for us human beings to keep the relationship between us and trees going.

Choose a Tree to work with

Through the years, trees have always been used for healing and medicinal purposes. They even have been the best choice every time. Especially the pine trees.

They transmit Chi, feed the blood framework, fortify the sensory system and guarantee life span. These trees fill the spirit and our soul. Pines are the interminable trees. In spite of the fact that pine trees are for the most part the best decision, numerous different trees or plants can be used. The bigger trees contain the most vitality. Among the most dominant are trees developing close running water. A few trees feel hotter or more blazing than others; some vibe cooler or colder than others.

Here are certain trees that have the energy to heal and you can choose one among them to work with:

  • Cypresses and cedars bring down the temperature and feed Yin vitality.
  • The Willows help battle the dry breezes to wipe out overabundance dampness from the body, diminish pulse, and fortify the urinary tract and bladder.
  • The elms quiet the psyche and reinforce the stomach.
  • Maples battle the dry breezes and help lessen the agony
  • Banyan trees (Indian Fig) purge your heart and help wipe out materially dampness.
  • Cinnamon can expel the cold from the heart and the stomach
  • Fir trees help to ingest wounds to lessen perspiring and first mend bone cracks.
  • Hawthorn’s help digestion, reinforce the digestive system and battle low circulatory strain.
  • Birches lower body temperature, dispense with body dampness and help detoxify the body.
  • The plum trees (prunes) feed the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas and quiet the brain.

Keeping a relationship with a Tree

To communicate with a Tree, you must have the heart to realize they are as human in their feelings than you can accept. When you talk with a tree, you will see that they react. As you start working with a tree, you need to see to the way that a tree is only a partner of you and they are everything except attempting to instruct you to be modest and compassionate with them.

Trees are able to help you and your intuition regarding your spiritual journer.


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