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The World Will Witness The Mercury On July 7th: You Better Stand Your Ground Firmly!

We are used to Mercury retrograde bringing many problems with it. Not only technological breakdowns, but also mental problems such as anxiety and delays in travel.

This might make you start feeling about the past, of course, it’s normal, but it will prevent you from progressing towards the future. Business meetings might come out of the blue, but the most important details won’t be available.

This retrograde will happen this July 9th. So get yourself ready.

This retrograde would be extremely confrontational, indiscreet and hurried, because of the impacts of Neptune, Mars, and Uranus. This is the reason, this Mercury retrograde, you have to pick your fights. Control your driving forces at whatever point conceivable as there will attempt times ahead for you.

Each Mercury retrograde has three stages. In the principal stage itself, you will get a thought with regards to the sort of correspondence, travel or business issues that may come up.

In this one, Mercury will conjunct Mars, and this will lead to it giving someone the ability to argue cases, and it will make them more concentrated to rethink about things.

But it would also make people extremely aggressive and combative just like that. And all of this must be avoided, so think well before doing anything.

Next, Fixed star of Pollux would volunteer to mess around with you more. While it will give you a possibility at distinction and prestige, it would likewise be coldblooded, merciless and rash. It will support business and war, however, it would likewise prompt maltreatment, both physical and mental.

Mercury retrograde creates an atmosphere that makes us competitive. But it also brings us bigger risks of abuse, torture and even death!

Here, Mars would likewise be at loggerheads with Pluto. This will prompt challenge, once more, yet on a flight or battle premise. If you choose to withdraw, it will show you a thing or two. In the event that you choose to battle, you need other propelled individuals like you, close by.

Mercury Stationed At Retrograde

Mercury retrograding would likewise conjunct Mars and Uranus in a square. This probably unstable and vicious trine would really be diminished by affection and concordance from Uranus, and sympathy and mending from Mars.

As Mercury conjuncts Mars, there will be lesser energy in rivalry and battle. You would most likely unwind for some time since there would be no resistance to Pluto or Pollux.

In any case, when Uranus is brought in with the general mish-mash, it would make wild motivations that would be difficult to think about and control. This is the place you need mindfulness and the capacity to control your motivations as that would make encounters superfluous.

Mercury in a square with Uranus brings anxious energy around the room. You might experience the ill effects of an absence of focus, which would prompt contentions, and abuse is tossed forward and backward. As said before, might suspect before you act.

Mars in a square with Uranus would basically prompt vitality and adrenaline coursing through your body, which ought to be contained in a sheltered domain. You have to discover an outlet, be it sexual, or imaginative.

Mercury Stationed at Direct

This wouldn’t be as challenging as the past two stages.

Mercury inverse Pluto would be simpler to deal with and contain. While there is an opportunity of discussions and contentions, there wouldn’t be a danger to one’s life, vocation or future. There would be no contentions at all.

Mercury when attempting to conjunct with Pollux dependably brings the danger of encounter, however at this point is as great a period as any to do some examination and explore without anyone else.

One can experience mental treatment in the event that one needs to lead themselves towards a positive change.

At long last, Mercury would quit being in retrograde on August 15, 2019.

How would you handle the Mercury retrograde?


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