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The proper way to detect negative energies in your house

The energy that constantly surrounds can have a huge impact on our lives in an unexpectedly profound way. Energies can either drag us into the depths of darkness or take part in our ascension towards a bright and joyful life. There are many ways that can be used to send dark and negative energy away, but before doing that, you have to be able to detect the presence of evil.

The hardest part is to know the exact location where negative energy hides out. If you were not feeling okay or feeling off, for example, if you were tense, depressed, in pain, and confused, then it is because of the direct impact of negative energy on you. The bad energy can come from different locations and sources, even from our proper homes.

There are various methods that can help you kick out negativity, but they demand some hard work and cleansing rituals on every common space in our lives every time we feel or show signs of its presence. You might think that the manifestation of side effects means that it is too late now, and you probably think that detecting the negative energy in its early stages and sending it off is the best thing to do.

Mark Bajerski, the founder of Pure Energy Healing, gave life to an uncommon concept which is placing a thermometer in your home to detect whether or not the area is controlled by negative energy. The thermometer needs nothing but a single ordinary lemon.

Lemons can easily pick up the presence of negative energy, that is why putting a lemon in a room can simulate the work of a thermometer, except this one, reads the energy of the room and reflects it so that we can see which energy is present. If the lemon starts developing a fuzzy green effect or black dots, then there is negative energy roaming around, but, if the lemon maintained its yellow color when drying up, indicate that there’s a strong presence of positive energy.

A single normal lemon is able to detect the presence of dark energy, and that can help you know whether or not you should be worried. This method can be done in the workspace, office, strange places, or anywhere you suspect that there’s negative energy present in it.


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