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Single women end up being the happiest.

Nowadays, single women are considered to be sad, depressed, lonely, and isolated, but people actually forget that relationships are just choices just like the choice of clothes we want to put on before going to work. Relationships are just a choice, they are not mandatory and they should not be used to measure happiness because single women do not link their happiness with people, they generate it and that is more than enough.

Women that remain single for a long time are not depressed, isolated, and unhappy, they are quite the opposite. They are happy, fulfilled, and emotionally stable, that is why they don’t see the need for a partner. They could get one if they want to, but they choose to stay that way.

Single women actually fight against the stereotype of realationship=happiness, and they prove to everyone that being single is a choice, not a rejection from too many potential partners. And if you are wondering why women chose to stay single, here are a few reasons for you.

They don’t feel the need to be someone’s girl or lady, and because they have always been single and hey like it

They went through bad relationships that broke their hearts and they decided that it is enough and they don’t work to risk their hearts again.

They tried dating after breakups, but it led to nowhere.

They want to remain single because life with someone does not suit them, and because they just can’t get their heads around relationships.

And yes, women that remained single for a long time end up being the happiest and here are some reasons for that.

They find joy in loneliness

They embrace solitude and they get along with themselves. They get to know themselves better and they focus a lot on their potentials and dedicate their whole time focusing and developing themselves.

They don’t feel awkward doing things alone

They feel comfortable doing things alone and they don’t feel awkward when going to social events all by themselves. They don’t feel bad for not having a special person to share everything with. They are doing fine on their own and they enjoy being with themselves.

They have time to focus on themselves

Single women are not distracted by the needs of a relationship and they don’t have to spend time with their partner or kids which leaves them with time for themselves and they use it to focus on their needs, goals, and personal development.

They chase after their dreams

They have enough time to focus on realizing their dreams and achieving their goals. They end up with a lot of free time to think about doing what they love and try out new things, find new hobbies, or just have some quality time.

They become closer to their friends

They spend more time with their friends, they hang out with them more, they do things together a lot, and their bond becomes stronger.

They become independent

They rely on themselves more and they learn how to take care of themselves. They build confidence and they find a way to have a beautiful and happy life without the presence of a partner.


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