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Signs Of The End Of Lower 3D Timelines


Individuals of the world will ascend against mind control and subjugation, together we remain against the utilization of money related administrative assets, government and religions as territory apparatuses, the character of energized negative creatures, the human exploiters. Some consider it the diminishing of the shroud or essentially the ‘Enlivening’.

The Brexit was taken by UK tired of the European Union crushing the invulnerability of the Archons in their arranged NEW WORLD control . Clinton lost to Trump, lost validity of the MSM broadcasting Hillary is tops. We as a whole realize Trump is an error, however this one appears to be an option than control of the Archons. We alert, dissect these dim creatures who began to control by means of industrialism corporate greed throughout the previous 200 years.

Recently the lethal utilization of medications, antibody, fluoride, chlorine on water, flying maladie/concoction fighting and anti-microbials to demolish mankind, gradually is found by established researchers, the better ones through ICTM… . be that as it may, some restorative specialists are in the pockets of Archons. Dull don’t care for what they see, people arousing to their natural eternality from embedded fabricated DNA controls. We are sections of Source Energy and arousing is tapping inside our souls and psyches, thumping through pineal organs from Source splendid unadulterated white light from Central Suns-Sol as gateway. The dim is on the sudden spike in demand for their last hurrah with DG13 manikins. They will attempt to rehash the surge of tears for people through dread, anguish and abhor. This is a rehash of Utnapishtim-Noah as at that period we begin to pose inquiries, even requested elective nourishment eaten by the Gods to stay away from death. Would you be able to envision an imbecile executing his darling child in the appearance of compliance to Yahweh!

Ages, atomic force war machines, assets of Archons are obscure to people, just the assets of ‘Divine beings’. They can result to destruction of earth or an entire nation chose by the dim for dread impact. They have climate control, what the Russians and US have for devastation. Our occasions, 21st century, they control damaging military powers and government possessed atomic weapons stores. They even control logical headways in every aspect of room, military and monetary controls. Dim pioneers made Fukushima, Chernobyl and US atomic ‘mishaps’ happen some of which are unreported by MSM. At the days of yore, they dropped bombs in the seven urban areas of Nippur and Shuruppak in Sumer and in our straight occasions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki for reasons unknown at all as the war is finished and won by the west. For impacts they continue dropping atomic bombs in our urban areas, all demonstrations of weakness demolition of and against earth-humankind as they probably am aware we are helped at these direct occasions by lieutenants of Source.

Our aggregate cognizance will topple the negative creatures, the main remedy for our sufferings yet we should act in solidarity and with aggregate exertion. Let all of us work for it, on with our longing to graduate to 5D through proper utilization of ideals of unlimited love, acknowledgment and pardoning. We should achieve the flawlessness of our upright goals through definitive activities for the aggregate great of the planet-mankind. Agreement among people of all races will unquestionably be reality and unrestricted love and harmony will reign in all planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, for which Earth is a machine gear-piece in the ascending to a higher cognizance.


Mankind’s history is a redundancy in numerous planets of the universe however the through and through freedom idea is Infinity’s method for knowing His known ways with the choice given to a human to choose from a thousand decisions. The signs are impending and extreme energies fill the air that pesters our lifestyle.

Substituting Archons of million years had phenomenal camouflages of domain over others that put us in desperate waterways. Different countries fall in view of the dull deeds of one too filthy and eager authority. You don’t see them distributed as the adversely disposed creatures and MSM love the dull excessively, contrarily enraptured claimed by DG13. MSM , FRB, national banks, lawmakers and pioneers are on a similar pontoon, controlled in different ways however for the most part through cash and defilement. Research the main nations that can’t help contradicting the utilization of intrigue charges to individuals, Iran or Saudi Arabia, who minds as they guarantee it is precluded by God referenced in their consecrated books. A few days back, PH Mindanao is in Martial Law since May 23, 2017 and as our pioneer said IS hands, a piece of the caliphates of the Middle East are wherever shutting in Abu Sayyaf, Maute Group, Bangsa Moro, BIMM and new names keep springing up in the rundown of the military. Why? Religion, cash and again subjugation of the majority.

The west has a superior method for controlling individuals, people when US government approve Federal Reserve Bank – FRB to bring in cash out of printing level cash when it has no inalienable worth. We know DG 13 possess FRB. Get mum as death is valid for JFK and Lincoln. Envision charges exacted and paid by us all to sell a paper printing futile level paper and bonds offered to the world. Government gather expenses, exacts and charges to pay FRB-CB-DG13, methods for making the fat fatter.

Source Energy lieutenants are coordinated to dismiss and move these Archons/beneficiaries to different planets of murkiness where they have a place, to additionally experience their evolvement in the negative domain till they get a flash of light. Divine world is so thoughtful. Everyone is permitted to advance to the light without demolition or devastation of races, regardless of whether you are certain or ultra-negative. Words striking a chord from instinct HS that I can’t tell genuine truth, however evolvement must be in the million years for the dim. What matter is time period in the psyches of creatures, people, humanoid or archons are for the most part extraordinary. History, profound nor magical points of view, even IN5D are obscure to murkiness. They are adhered to an excessive amount of dimness, a lot to respect it.

All these are the genuine indications of our occasions, the slackening up of duality and detachment, the diminishing of the shroud, the exchange of archons to other dull pits of the Milky Way world, the enlivening of certain people and the scrutinizing of what we have been accomplishing for quite a long time. We figure out how to solicit the pertinence from cash in our day by day life, the importance of plenitude, the significance of religion or government. Is there a superior method to oversee humankind/humanoids right now different planets in the wake of giving them through and through freedom? Should the dull be welcome to misuse a 3D world for experience? Is electromagnetism the most ideal way or entrance to arrive at the light, or the positive way is quicker the negative to arrive at an integrative point to adjust as assigned by All That May be?

All That Is has His ways. We all are on our way, to an excellent entryway of light, singular excursion looking for Him at 5D to the twelfth and more encounters approaching for crystalline light creatures. Why not begin early and get readied, you can!


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