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Ride The Energy Wave Of This Lionsgate Portal Using This Ritual.

Despite the fact that the current year’s Lionsgate entry would open up from 26th July to twelfth August 2019, it would arrive at its crest on eighth August.

Aside from the typical energies at work, it would likewise observe the arrangement of Jupiter and Venus. This implies the energies sent from the entry would get overwhelming with the positive energies sent because of this arrangement.

This custom would concentrate on purging our third eye and heart chakra, so these chakras are what we would work with to help with this custom.


  1. A device for smirching
  2. A pen and a diary
  3. Crystals (2)
  4. A clock


  1. Cleanse your encompassing and your quality with a device for smearing. As your air is getting scrubbed, discuss

‘I am purging myself with an adoring and positive light. Each vitality that has no spot in me is leaving my spirit. I feel light, and I feel myself.’

Recount this while purifying your environment

‘My space has been ensured and washed down, so just positive vitality and love can exist here.’

  • Sit serenely, put your hand on your chest and shut your eyes. At that point, attempt to inhale profoundly, and feel it profound inside your heart.
  • Presently, begin revolving around your chest with your hand, hostile to clockwise. While you are doing it, envision that you are likewise purifying the energies in the heart. Do this for at any rate a 100 times and check whether you can feel something new.
  • Next, move your hand clockwise over your heart, and have a go at envisioning your heart getting supercharged. Increment the size of the circles as you continue making them. Check whether the vitality that emanates increment with the expanding circles. Do this multiple times.
  • Rehash a similar procedure with your third eye. Keep your hand over your brow and move it hostile to clockwise for multiple times, and afterward in a clockwise movement. At last, you should feel vibes that you would do well to recollect.
  • Rest, put a crystal over your heart and one on the temple and attempt to ponder. Clear your spirit, your brain, and feel the precious stones sinking inside your body with the assistance of these chakras.
  • Presently, get a diary and begin writing any of the emotions that you ran over while doing this custom. It could be a petition, it could be a revelation, it could be an acknowledgment, it could actually be whatever was sneaking in your intuitive yet is out in the open at this moment. Try not to stop to think, let it fall into place for you. Set a clock for around 20 minutes and write each and every word, imagined that emanates out of you.
  • Peruse what you have written. Does it bode well? Do you understand what’s written? Do you understand why you have written it? Welcome the soul guides for managing you through this.
  • Keep the crystals on you as you rest and remember to drink water or tea to keep the vitality level high.

Have a safe Lionsgate.


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