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Prepare Yourself For The Strawberry Full Moon And The Events Coming With It (5th, June)

On Friday, the 5th of this month (June) we have a beautiful full moon, as well as the penumbral lunar eclipse, which is celebrated. This is not visible for everyone and hard to see for many, but it will be a very special event, but it will not be the only thing that will shine in the sky this weekend.

This weekend, as usual, we will be honored with the presence of many constellations. If you are in a place with clear skies, you might want to try to see some of the less popular constellations. Sure, maybe you can point to the big dipper, but can you find other constellations?

Forbes has listed this week that their constellation of the week is ‘Corona Borealis.’ Corona Borealis for those who do not know is a constellation that is placed between Bootes and Hercules. It is often referred to as the ‘northern crown’ because it looks slightly like a crown.

It is also likely that Mercury will be visible this weekend as it reaches its greatest extent to the east on the 4th. You’ll need binoculars to see this planet, but it’s a pleasure to see. This week itself is a week that we should use when looking at Mercury, because this planet will no longer be visible the closer we get to the middle of the month.

You will still be able to see a lot with the naked eye, but a telescope or binoculars will improve your weather this weekend. At times like this, my telescope spends a lot of time outdoors and is ready for use. The moon looks much better through this lens, and I’ll never stop pulling it out and seeing what I can find.



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