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Intuitive Astrology: Neptune Retrograde June-November 2019

Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasy, consciousness and it will go retrograde from June 21st to November.

This retrograde will take place in Pisces until November 27th. New awakening, spiritual downloads, and hidden truths will come with it. The purpose of this is to help us find our reality and see things from a new perspective.

As Neptune is in its decision sign of Pisces, we get the genuine and crude rendition of its energy. We get Neptune taking care of business and fullest potential, and if we focus, we will be ready to use this energy to stir to another reality.

As Neptune will be retrograde for the following couple of months, it is very dynamic in June and will be ensuring that we tune in and focus on the information and knowledge it wishes to impart to us.

Neptune is watery and fantastic. It is the slim cover between this world and the following, among the real world and fantasy.

At the point when Neptune energy is solid, it enables us to strip back the window ornament, to look past the cloak and the hindrances so we can locate another fact, another comprehension, and another perspective.

Neptune needs us to take advantage of higher consciousness and dive into the core of our Spirit. It needs to advise us that there is no partition, that the accounts we let ourselves know are basically fantasies, and that things are not generally what they appear.

Neptune entices us to get away, to go into another reality so we can understand the present one. It needs us to shed the cover, shed the hallucination, and adventure into the opposite side of the haze.

While Neptune has this fantastic, ethereal quality, when in retrograde we are truly going to have the option to tune in and center to perceive what Neptune is attempting to show us.

We will be ready to look past what we have dependably accepted and reveal something more profound that will change our world.

“We are all just a car crash,
a diagnosis,
an unexpected phone call,
a newfound love,
or a broken heart away from becoming a completely different person.
How beautifully fragile are we
that so many things can 
take but a moment 
to alter
who we are
for forever?”


Both big and small events are frequently a trigger for us to change our identity, along these lines changing our world.

Return a minute to rethink of an event that transformed you. An occasion that got you to see reality from an alternate perspective. Consider how this occasion made you more astute, more helpless, more open, more bold, or maybe much more dreadful.

Consider the speculative chemistry of this event, and recognize how only one split second, one phone call, one choice, one motivation changed the course of your whole life.

While events help to move our existence, we don’t really require an occasion to be our trigger. Truth be told, we can start moving our world right now.

Moving our world starts in the mind. It starts with our convictions, it starts with the considerations we let ourselves know.

This isn’t tied in with misleading ourselves and imagining that everything is roses and rainbows, yet it’s tied in with lining up with the idea, word, or activity feels the best to you.

There are numerous ways to see and decipher thing things around us, so why not see them such that lifts our spirits?

As Wayne Dyer once said- “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Neptune enables us to move our observation and keeping in mind that in retrograde, it will direct us to see where we may need to change our perspective or break down convictions and dreams we once thought were our reality.

While in retrograde, Neptune enables us to peer through the haze and the fog one final time so we can look again and what it’s attempting to show us.

It’s an opportunity for us to see into the reality of what has unfurled in our lives in the course of the most recent couple of months, and to work out what we wish to take into our existence and what we wish to desert.

Neptune Retrograde enables us to evacuate our rose-shaded glasses or our glasses of judgment, in the event that we are eager, and a friend into another fact. Regardless of whether we have been taking a gander at the glass half full or half vacant, Neptune enables the glass to be disintegrated so we can peer into what is abandoned.

Neptune Retrograde will be felt most firmly in June, and afterward, it will slip away from plain sight, joining Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn which are all as of now in retrograde as well.

Having such huge numbers of moderate moving planets in retrograde over the coming months implies that we are generally being allowed the chance to back off, retreat inside, and to consider the decisions and choices we are making.

It is our opportunity to reflect before pushing ahead. It is our opportunity to come back to our soul, to our fact, to the core of what we know, and guarantee we are moving from a position of legitimacy.

Where it counts we know our identity. We know the activities and convictions that serve us and that don’t and Neptune will be our guide.


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