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Here is why you can be dumped by a woman that loves you.

If a woman loves you and suddenly decides to leave can leave you with many questions in mind. You should start looking back at what you did, and if you can’t find a reason, here are some for you.

You should know that when a woman really loves you and she decides to leave, it hurts her more than it hurts you, but even though her heart is breaking and her soul is tormenting she still insists on going on with the plan. They decide to leave you not because of cheating and lying, but for a different reason.

Your woman is going to leave despite her deep love because of you not being around that much. If you spend much time away from her, for example, if you work a lot, go out, play video games, watch tv, etc. If you don’t spend much time with her and if you do not invest some time in that relationship, well it is probably going to end up with the separation of you two.

Some men spend a lot of time away working really hard to provide food and other things to their families thinking that it is all that matters. Yes, their work is important, but it is not the most important thing. See, men usually put a lot of effort into their work and they end up not spending time with their partner and family. This does not mean that they are bad or evil, this means that they don’t give enough time to family and that can make women feel lonely and a bit unwanted and unimportant.

You should always try to win back the heart of your woman even is she already gave it to you. You should know that being present and spending time with her is key for having a stable and healthy relationship. You should not spend a lot of time away or distracted. And when you are present, your mind should also be there with your body. Your woman wants to spend quality time with you, she wants everything to be special with you, and if you always come late and tired from work and you sleep instantly, well, things are not going to work out fine in the end.

Your woman wants you to be there for her, she wants you to listen to her and not wander off in your own thoughts. She wants to see that spark in your eyes, the same that she saw when you first went out together. She wants to feel special.

She wants you to have her in mind too, she wants you to check up on her, she wants you to ask her out, she wants your attention, and she wants you to be curious about how actually feels.

She wants that deep connection with you to be restored. She wants to be between your arms, and she wants you to hold her hands and kiss her. She wants you to care for her and she wants to feel special to you. She wants you to be present in her life.

You should find a way to be with her. If you are busy and you don’t have much free time, then at least try dedicating some time for her in your day off. You don’t have to pull off something fancy, cuddling while watching a movie can be more than enough.

This is why some women leave even though they love their men. Do not make this mistake and have some quality time with your woman.


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