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Follow The Voice Within That Tells You To Move On.

Sometimes, you’ll hear that voice telling you that something needs to be over, and you should trust it. The voice that tells you that you need to turn the page. The voice that tells you when something has come to an end. Follow the voice that keeps waking you up to grow and get out of your comfort zone. Follow the voice that tells you to do something strange, something you’ve never done before, something that could potentially make you feel more alive.

Trust the voice that knows there is a lot more for you. There is more life. There is more than what you choose. Your life is not limited to boredom, embarrassment, and anxiety.

Follow the part of yourself that craves abundance, growth, motivation, and meaning. Follow the part of yourself that wants change. Whether it’s finding a new job, moving, losing some people to make room for new people or just improving yourself. Follow the part of yourself that begs you to leave some things. The part that knows that staying longer not help.

Follow the part of you that thinks against all expectation that things will work out in your favor if you make an act of faith. The part that pushes you to go against the flow and break all the rules and start new adventures. Follow the part of yourself that tells you to go crazy, because being wild is the key to happiness.

Follow the part of yourself that is aware when something is wrong or when something is no longer good for you, even if it is difficult to admit. Follow the voice that pushes you to put an end to things you are not ready to do because this part just knows that something better is coming. You must be empty before you can be full again.

Trust the part of yourself that knows when to move on because it also knows what you will learn. The new doors will open. The new opportunities that will arise when you need them. All the good things that will come to your way when you’re finally free.

Follow the part of yourself that pushes you to let go when there’s a new beginning and deep within you that you know that something has happened to you for too long you wait until tomorrow. Deep inside you know that you desperately need change. Deep inside you know that you can not live a new life if you still cling to the old one that does not fill you anymore.

Follow the voice that knows when to say goodbye. The part that may not have a perfect plan for the future but that believes that something big is getting ready once you start moving forward. Once you start driving on a different road to find it.


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