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Evil people always have these 7 characters

Sometimes we like to think that people are good and pure, but it is not the case, unfortunately. Nowadays evil people find it easier to make a place in society and to blend in with the general public normally. If you see someone with these 7 characters, then get away from them because they are evil.

1. Lying

We learned from our parents and teachers that lying is not a good thing to do. But no matter what, we always find ourselves lying about some minor stuff to avoid offending people, especially those who are closer to us. Sometimes we say the baby is cute if it was not the case, we tell our loved ones that they are looking good even if they weren’t, and so on and on.

But there are people that lie for lying or to find a way to achieve something. For example, they lie about their skills, feeling, opinions, etc. If someone is lying to you about serious things, then you should be cautious. Big time liers are evil persons who lack empathy.

2. Manipulative

Manipulative people are always fake, they talk to you when they need something and they suddenly become super nice to you. They use sneaky ways to make you believe in something that will return as a benefit to them only. They can hard to notice because they are slick and they are very talented when it comes to using deception. You should be careful and pay close attention especially if you are approached by someone that seems a little too nice to you.

3. Cannot Keep A Secret

It is well known that sharing things that are bothering you and letting them out of your chest can be a big help, but you should not share them with anyone. See, there are evil people that are not going to keep your secrets, and they will share them with almost everyone, especially if they had a grudge on you. That is why you should always share your secrets, opinions, and state of mind with only those who are close to you and you put huge trust in them. But if you want to know whether or not a person is evil, share with them a false secret about yourself and wait. If the secret is spread then they are definitely evil, if not well just don’t be too open about yourself.

4. They Are Secretive

You should know that there is a big difference between introverts that are not comfortable with sharing too many pieces of information about themselves and evil persons that hesitates to do so. An introvert is going to share only the necessary pieces of information needed, but evil persons won’t share details about themselves because they have been lying and they don’t want to get caught, and it is more than possible that they forgot about what they said to people about themselves that is why they refuse to share.

5. They Will Try To Control You

Evil people are always trying to control in many ways to make you serve their needs. They will try to infiltrate your mind and control you like a puppet. If you ever let them control you, then you are in trouble because they will not stop until you become useless to them, and each time you respond to their demands they have even more control on you and they become hard to get rid of. You should resist them at any cost, or they will abuse their power on you. If you feel like someone is trying to make go to certain places and do certain things, chances are that they want to control you.

6. They Deny Facts

To see if a person is evil or not, try to have a conversation with them about a subject you have a lot of pieces of information about, and you have many facts about it in stock. If they start denying all of the presented facts, and if you start once again telling them facts, then they will start to find ways out of the conversation or shift the discussion to a new subject, and they will also try to convince you that your facts are wrong. This is a sign of an evil person.

7. Undermining Those Around Them

One of the characteristics of an evil person is undermining all the people around them. They dismiss the importance of any kind of work and achievements because they try to convince people that their achievements are not as important as theirs. And no matter how big they think they are, they never really succeed to impress and satisfy themselves, that is why they try to undermine everyone surrounding them.


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