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A Meditation That Will Help You Navigate The Energies Of Ths Lionsgate Portal.

The Lionsgate opening on the eighth of August will be the greatest and most dominant Lionsgate as of recently.

This is the reason it’s a smart thought to discover some time during the day, in the event that you haven’t as of now, to associate with the gateway that has been open since 26th July, the date that denoted the beginning of the Cosmic New Year.

Anyway, the energies will arrive at their top on the eighth of August, and I accept that it will give us a quite decent ‘scour’ so as to clean everything that we don’t require, however, we don’t know about it.

That is the reason if, in the following couple of days, you’re feeling restless, dismal, fomented or on the off chance that you are encountering physical torment, don’t stress a lot as these sensations are presumably an aftereffect of the purge you experienced the earlier day.

The association with the entrance should be possible through contemplation.

You should begin by finding an agreeable position and begin with taking full breaths you knew to breathe in and breathing out till you feel quiet and focused. The objective of every one of your stresses and overthinking and focus on your relaxing. Since you feel totally loose, close your eyes and somewhat direct your eyes up towards the sixth chakra.

Associate with your higher self and request that it directs you through this reflection for your Greatest Good. Express your expectation to get the limit of this association with the Lionsgate entry and after that simply let the vitality stream.

Before you begin interfacing with the Lionsgate entry, a smart thought is to associate with the core of Gaia. You can do this by letting a beam of light from your heart chakra to send your adoration to mother Earth. At that point, through a similar beam of light, you will get the affection for Gaia and return it to your heart chakra.

The following beam of light goes from your heart chakra towards the Central Spiritual Sun of our cosmic system, again sending your affection into the universe. After some time you will enable yourself to feel the affection from the Central Spiritual Sun returning to you yet a hundred times more grounded.

Now comes setting the intention.

“Now I’m open to the energies of the LinesGate portal. Then you send a light beam coming out from your seventh chakra towards the portal. “I’m asking my Guides and my higher self to help activate the light codes, cell memory and dormant abilities in my DNA. I’m setting the intention so the energies of love, light, and compassion coming from the portal activate the best in me, remove what I don’t need and increase my own vibration. May these powerful energies clean and remove all the blockages and everything that isn’t Love in me.”

After setting this goal, you can seek acknowledgment of a specific objective that you have, or as it were, everything that you have been rehearsing to show using the law of fascination.

You should complete the transformation by saying thank you to your aides, your profound older folks and your higher self for controlling you through this aim setting contemplation.


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