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Why Writing Is The Secret To Living Your Best Life.

Do you ever stop and think about what life would resemble if something hugely important to you changed in a brief moment? Imagine a scenario in which you lost a relative or a friend got debilitated. Consider the possibility that you or a significant other got pregnant or your life partner unexpectedly left. Imagine a scenario in which an alcoholic driver hit you as you drove home late some night or your hack transformed into something dangerous.

We all have fears and questions that make more feelings or trepidation. Life is a progression of questions spread out gradually before you. It’s unnerving and surprising and difficult and some way or another, eminent and delightful at the same time. As a child, I used to lay in bed and wonder what might happen if I was elsewhere at that definite moment. I asked why always I lay in the same bed around night time while other children didn’t. I never understood what made one life different from another.

In spite of the fact that this question despite everything frequents me now and again, life has presented to me some similarity to a response to this. Each time I feel more worn out or wiped out to confront my day, I think that someone who encounters that consistently. Each time I feel lost or misconstrued, I think about someone who fights with their personality and their family. Each time I feel pain or loss of any sort, I think about people around me and who have lost far beyond I have.

Life wasn’t made to be great or flaw-free. Encountering the lows is the thing that makes the highs so surprising. Nothing is changeless or strong. Life has instructed me that the obscure doesn’t need to be startling in spite of the butterflies in our stomach.

If my life changed in a brief instant, I would be as stunned as each other person. In any case, I find that there is one manner by which I have set myself up for this sudden and agitating idea that others have not.

I have written.



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