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Why And How To Start Over In The New Year.

Something about the New Year makes us excited to start all over, to keep trying to change and develop into better individuals. Of course, the New Year is a new beginning and every year, we find ourselves writing down and thinking about what do we want to achieve, what do we want to do and how we want to change ourselves.

New years always bring new beginnings and second chances with them. Maybe you failed in achieving something over the past year, you can try again with the motivation and positive mindset of the new year. New years feel like resets and like a rebirth. We become more motivated and determined to achieve our goals, dreams, and aspirations and you feel like you can do anything you want.

The New Year’s eve is also the time to reflect on what you went through over the past year. If the outgoing year was hard on you, take the time to reflect and rethink about the past events and how did you manage to keep going. We’ve all been through shit this year but we should leave it behind and let it go to start over.

But it wasn’t a waste of energy. We learnt some lessons that made us wiser, we grew stronger, we got our hearts broken. Some doors have been closed and some have just opened. We lost friends, and we made new ones. We hurt people and people hurt us.

The year has passed, and you probably haven’t achieved your goals yet, you haven’t accomplished what you wished for and hoped. Maybe you didn’t rush things because you were scared, maybe you were afraid of losing everything, but you should take the risk now or never, with the new year coming around. And don’t be afraid of being hurt, we learn from our harsh experiences.

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start again, to give second chances to yourself and to people. The perfect opportunity to let go of the past and its bad events and encounters, but don’t let go of the lessons you’ve learned. The opportunity to let go of the things that don’t serve you.

When you enter the New Year, think about who you want beside you. Life is about who you spend your time with, surround yourself with people who encourage you and who want the best for you. People you can tell anything to, who were there for you at your lowest point, those people are the ones you should value.

Don’t lose someone that has seen your flaws and still chooses to love you. Make a promise to yourself to break down the barriers that hold you back. Say what you feel, make a change, challenge yourself, be ambitious and do things that excite you.

Every year, every week and every day, is what you make it. Life can bring you new opportunities at any moment and if you aren’t paying attention you might miss them. Start listening to your gut instincts, that’s the universe trying to guide you.

You know deep down when something is wrong, don’t ignore how you feel, and if you feel like something is right and good, then take a chance, it’s OK to be afraid but do it anyway. Write your goals, set your intentions and never settle for anything less. Choose to be happy, be grateful for what you have, always be yourself and most importantly accept and believe in yourself.

Forget what is gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next. The New Year can be anything you want it to be, nothing will change until you make the change. It is up to you.


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