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A Narcissist Generation Is Created Because Of Social Media

Social Media created a new way of communication, that made a lot of things possible that once were believed to be impossible. But like they say, every action has a reaction, social media did not only help us but it also destroyed us, the new platforms shaped a narcissist generation that spends a lot of time taking selfies and trying to make them selves look as good as they possibly can.

This current also drives people especially the youth to capture only the great moments and post them so that they can make people admire their life to give it some sort of a meaning, this lead to a generation that is egocentric and cares only about whats good for them. In this era, kids are often found indoors playing video games or watching the television. It is said that social media connects people, but in reality it seperates us.

In this era knowledge and education are not the things that give worth to someone, it is the number of followers you have, the more the better, the more you have the more you will be seen as an important individual. It is also important to notice that social became a house to every sick and twisted person, not all the people are what they are online.

Social media made people promote themselves as persons that are very different on what they really are in real life, social media made people be something that they are not. This only made people concentrate on themselves only and created a sort of obssession, this also made people anxious, people are more concerned about what people think about their looks, it also made a new way of estimating ones worth, a lot of posts and followers=important person.

Now people are happy if their posts are shared a lot or retweeted, this led to an absurd understanding of importance and happiness, the question is why we give so much importance to these virtual platforms, why? Now we see people asking for likes and shares, not to mention the rise of hashtags culture. Sure social media is a great tool but we are misusing it and harming ourselves through that misusage.

Social media became a one of a kind tool to feed peoples ego, it is now used to mesure how important and good you are through followers, shares, retweets etc. But what is even worse is the amount of self obssessed people on social media. This is a very dangerous thing that people really underestimates.

Social media is creating a world full of self obssessed people that only care about themselves, how do you expect the world to carry on when people like that are around and there are too many of them, and others are going through the same road. Social media became a narcissism creating machine. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

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