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What It Really Means to Be There and “Hold Space” for Someone Else.

“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.” ~Maryam Hasnaa

I was wailing madly, crouched into myself sitting on the kitchen floor.

It truly felt like my life was self-destructing. As was I.

I had been endeavoring so difficult to begin a significant business that would change the world and help other people, just as recuperate myself from extreme progressing physical side effects. Be that as it may, it appeared the harder I attempted, the fewer things worked.

My head weaved marginally off my knees as I took worn out breaths.

What the heck wasn’t right with me? The idea that was driving my emergency was garbled in my mind, because of the smashing influxes of my enthusiastic response.

Be that as it may, in one way or another, in the long run, I got myself ready to completely lift my head and gaze straight on at my misshaped appearance in the tempered steel entryway of the dishwasher.

The entire while, he sat with me.

My perpetually adoring accomplice, Jonathan, held space.

I recall when I initially went to a companion and stated, “What does holding space truly mean?” I solicited with the curiosity from a kid, similar to a little human who doesn’t yet have the foggiest idea what a word implies.

Since with something like this, can any of us truly discover the words to precisely clarify it?

She used a story trying to characterize it, “When I was really freaking out about something, I went over to my friend’s house and just let it all out. My friend was able to just listen to me and just you know… hold the space.”

“Holding space” is an idea that is difficult to characterize without utilizing precisely the same words to characterize it. Be that as it may, as she disclosed it to me, I understood I’ve been fortunate to have numerous encounters of individuals holding space for me, and I for them.

Regardless of anything else, what are we truly doing when we are “holding space?”

The intriguing thing about this term is that we aren’t really “holding” anything.

At the point when your little girl returns home from school and needs to disclose to all of you about her day, and you listen eagerly… you are holding space.

At the point when your beau vents about how diligent work was that day, and you give him your complete consideration… you are holding space.

When you are flipping out more than something or every one of the things, and somebody takes a gander at you with complete acknowledgment… that is holding space.

When you are both perceiving what is as of now is going on, and open to venturing into another reality… that is holding space.

Holding space is tied in with being in the space.

It’s tied in with being completely present with the experience. Holding space is seeing somebody without judgment and seeing the person in question through adoring graciousness. Holding space is perceiving that in spite of the fact that we as a whole may bumble, we are for the most part likewise so ground-breaking.

Holding space resembles holding the entryway open for somebody to stroll through to encounter another model of the world. Rather than feeling like the dividers are collapsing, holding space truly gives breathing space to express, open up, and essentially be the place we are.

What we are truly doing when we hold space is only unadulterated acknowledgment—of ourselves, of others, and existing apart from everything else.

As Brene Brown says, “When we are searching for empathy, we need somebody who is profoundly established, can twist, and above all, grasps us for our qualities and battles.”

Those sympathetic, established individuals throughout our life are significant to enable us to face the hardship and remain in the light once more. However, what happens when that other individual simply isn’t accessible to you at that time?

Holding space doesn’t need to include any other individual physically being there with us or tuning in to us straightforwardly. You can each hold space for yourself. When you are experiencing something significant (or apparently little), you can hold space for yourself by taking advantage of self-sympathy.

Dr. Kristin Neff characterizes three segments of self-sympathy as self-thoughtfulness, basic mankind, and care.

Self-consideration involves being warm and understanding towards ourselves when we endure, come up short or feel insufficient. Rather than overlooking our torment or harming ourselves with self-analysis, self-generosity includes being delicate with yourself when you experience an agonizing knowledge.

Normal humankind is that update that we as a whole endure. We are on the whole human, powerless, and blemished. This enduring is a piece of mutual human experience. Understanding that can enable us to feel not so much disconnected but rather more associated inside that space.

Care is adopting a decent strategy to our difficult feelings so sentiments are neither stifled nor misrepresented. Rather than “over-distinguishing” with our contemplations and sentiments, care is a readiness to watch our negative considerations and feelings with receptiveness, lucidity, and composure. It’s a non-judgmental method for getting to be mindful of our internal experience for what it’s worth, without attempting to stifle or deny.

We can’t disregard our torment and feel sympathy simultaneously. This implies, the more you can hold space for yourself, the more you can hold space for other people. In that space, we as a whole encounter feeling unqualified love.

When you feel genuinely cherished, you can completely claim your very own involvement and really be what your identity is. There are tranquility and lucidity and a capacity to likewise adore the world for what it’s worth.

This is the place genuine power originates from. When we can be in genuine love, the majority of our considerations, words, and activities stream from it. We are bringing a greater amount of that adoration into the world.

Which means holding space isn’t only gainful for one. It benefits all.

By adoring ourselves, we additionally hold space for the world.


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