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Understanding The Signs: Is The Universe Trying To Tell You Something?

We often notice certain things in our daily life that always make their way to appear to us. For instance, the presence of the number 11:11, or a specific song or a photo.

Have you ever thought about these things and why do they happen? Have you ever thought that it’s not logical to always see these things as a coincidence?

A friend of mine received three phone calls from three friends of hers. All of them were seeing a bear in the wild. The first two women said that they’ve seen only the spirit of the bear that was following them, but things got serious with the third one.

She did some research and found out that the bear in the northern tribes symbolizes power and hunt. Then she realized that she had recently taken a huge step to follow her dreams and he bear followed her through her friends to give her a message that she’s going the right way.

If you were her, you would think of it as a coincidence and you’d ignore it, right?

The term ‘synchronicity’ was contrived via Carl Jung, a Swiss specialist. The conviction we all are associated with awareness. It resembles a widespread sign that things are going the correct way.

Conversely, a few researchers believe that it’s essentially our mind pulling pranks on us. Our brains love searching for arbitrary examples and plans in things occurring around us.

In any case, what is your belief?

Do you imagine that every single such example is simple random events? Is the universe truly attempting to disclose to us something? Does it need us to concentrate on the countless subtleties to reveal a message?

Regardless, getting such signs feels consoling. Someplace somewhere inside, possibly we would understand what these signs truly implied.

Need to clear a path for more of such synchronicity happenings throughout everyday life? Here are a few strategies you can use for better understanding and getting of these perfect signs.



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