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To The Friend Who Made Me Feel Less Alone, Thank You

We’ve all met that one friend who makes us a superior person since we ran into them. Regardless of whether they remain with us for a moment or a lifetime, their minor nearness in our life makes everything OK once more, regardless of whether just for a minute. Actually, these people make the torment you suffered and all the tears you shed somewhat more endurable on the grounds that they’re generally with you.

Notwithstanding, I go through the greater part of my days living with an outrageous dread of deserting. I continually wonder who or what I’ll lose straightaway. I needn’t bother with a lot, only a minor nearness in my life to assist me with feeling less alone. Be that as it may, my dread of deserting causes me to feel like I will never find love or friendships that will stand the trial of time.

So when I didn’t get notification from my individual for three weeks, my dread of surrender became exceptional. My brain loaded up with questions, questions, and weaknesses. Be that as it may, when I at long last got him out of urgency, he laughed and stated, “No, I’m still here.”

So my friend, I need you to realize that as a result of you, I don’t feel as deserted.

In any case, I’m likewise apprehensive that the minute you leave, I won’t ever observe or get notification from you again. I stress that in the event that I don’t get notification from you before the day’s over, you’ll vanish from my life. I’m anxious about the possibility that when I surrender to your needs and wants, you’ll phantom me. I stress that when you truly find a workable pace, you’ll scramble toward the entryway. I’m worried about the possibility that you won’t set aside the effort to filter through my feelings of dread and weaknesses and find a good pace I genuinely am.



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