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This Is The Reason Why You Need to Stay

For anyone who needs a reason to stay,

I don’t know anything about you. I don’t know anything about your life, your relationships or who you are as a person. But I don’t need to know anything about them to be able to say with certainty that your life is precious and that you should stay.

I could tell you that your parents would be devastated, but you might not talk to your parents. I could tell you that your friend will never be the same again, but he may have broken your heart yesterday. So I’m not going to say anything, even though that might be true. Instead, I’m going to say this:

You have more people to influence, more dogs to pet, you even have more chips to eat. It all sounds so petty, but I promise you it’s important.

You have more places to go to. Have you seen the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben in London, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow? And even if you’ve been to all those places, have you ever seen a kangaroo in Australia? Have you seen the northern lights? I heard that you haven’t really lived until you’ve seen them.

You have more pictures to take. You still have to fill your camera roll with bright sunrises, roaring oceans, flying birds, moving tails, and blooming flowers. There are even more faces that need to smile on your cell phone camera.

I know it’s hard to want to stay, that it might be the last thing you want to do. But you’re not alone in this world. You are not useless, you are not unwanted, you are not unloved. Your life is precious. You have a purpose.

So, for anyone who needs a reason to stay, that’s it. Stay.


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