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This 19th Century Picture Can Determine Your Age, Give It A Try.

This optical illusion is known as “My wife and my mother-in-law”. But not everyone sees the same thing when it comes to this optical illusion, you will see different things depending on your age.

When you look at this drawing for the first time, you will see a young woman or an old woman. Both are made in the same way and yet they are different. The young woman’s necklace is actually the old woman’s mouth and so on. Take a look at the picture, which one do you see first?

According to this study, most of the 700 people saw the young woman in front of the old woman. This proves that age prejudice is a reality, and that clears things up. Optical illusions are interesting, but those that are deconstructed are more charming.

The summary of the above-mentioned study is as follows:

“Although the perception of faces depends on low-level neural processes, it is also influenced by high-level social processes. The faces of a social group, for example, of people of similar age, are treated more completely and comprehensively. To investigate whether age distortion influences the unconscious perception of faces, we present participants with the ambiguous figure of the young/old woman. In the United States, mechanical Turkish was used to sample participants of different ages. The results showed that the younger and older participants assessed the age of the figure as younger and older, respectively. This age-specific effect is related to socio-cultural practices that involve older people less. The participants were not aware that the study was related to aging and the stimulus was briefly shown. Therefore, the results show that high-level social group processes have an unconscious effect in the early stages of facial treatment. A neural feedback model is used to explain this interaction.

What do you think of these results? I think they say a lot more than most people realize.


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