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The Order Of Grigori Angels And Why They Are Important

So as to all the more likely comprehend the Grigori Angels and what their identity is, you need first to comprehend the importance of the word ‘Grigori.’

This word is from Greek source, from the word ‘egrgoroi,’ which deciphers ‘The Watchers.’ With this, you will better comprehend what their identity is. Truth be told, they are a gathering comprising of blessed messengers that rebelled against God. The resistance of these blessed messengers brought about falling.

These blessed messengers or watchers are very famous. They showed up in a ton of arrangement and motion pictures. We realize them best for their tumbling to earth, and laying down with female people, and bringing about the Nephilim. The story really originates from Prophet Enoch. The Enoch depicted not simply the activities of these holy messengers on our planet, however their fall as well.

The Watchers of Grigori Angels in Enoch

The Enoch calls the defiant edges with one explicit name: The Children of Heaven. This discloses to us that these holy messengers were sacred ones of Jesus Christ or likewise divine creatures, directly before they became rebels. The all out number of these points was 200. They additionally had a ton of boss that were known as The Chiefs of Tens.

In any case, the most outstanding of the considerable number of boss were Semyaza and Lucifer. Some different boss that served under Semyaza were: Rameel, Arakeb, Tamel, Danel, Ramel, Braqyel, Ezeqel, Asel, Arbaros, Batrel, Ananel, Zaqeel, Arzyal, Kestarel, Sasomaspweel, Yamayol, and Turel.

When these 200 Grigori or watchers dropped to our planet, they began showing people mystery expressions, similar to enchantment, speculative chemistry, dull recuperating practices and strategies, customs and spells. Azazel was one of the educators.

He showed people making weapons and beginning a war. Some different watchers showed other distinctive consecrated information. Thus, Amasras encouraged people about crystal gazing and Zodiac signs.

Meanwhile, other Grigori Angels chose to submit infidelity with human females, which brought about the Nephilim mammoths. Such goliaths betrayed people, and they murdered and tore apart them, and drank their blood.



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