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The Old Esoteric Wisdom of Hawaiian Huna Philosophy

Long ago, Hawaii was a mystical and magical place (and still is in many ways). What made Hawaii especially magical in the past was that there were shamans called Kahunas who lived in the emerald green islands. These people experienced the true nature of reality, where they recognized many critical aspects that define reality and that were later taught to others to guide humanity to a state of full realization.

In the early 20th century, with the advent of the New Thought, a person named Max Long made a connection between the ancient Kahunas and the abstract and mystical metaphysics he was contemplating. He believed that the key to Huna was the concept of the “Three I’s”, that is, the unconscious, the conscious and the superconscious, which he called the unihipili, the uhane and the aumakua. Furthermore, the word Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning “secret”, but it also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.

The 7 principles of Huna

  • IKE – the world is what you think it is.
  • KALA – there are no borders
  • MAKIA – energy flows that are the focus of attention
  • MANA WA – the time is right to take control
  • ALOHA – To love means to be happy
  • All the power comes from within.
  • PONO – efficiency is the measure of truth

IKE – the universe is what you think it is.
This principle essentially means that our consciousness creates our reality. Our perception of reality is subjective and does not necessarily reflect true objective reality if there is such a reality at all. If someone believes that the world is full of deceit, evil and hate, they will simply focus their consciousness on these issues and become completely blind to anything that might contradict that perception. Each of us has the inherent power to change our reality as we see fit. This power has the ability to change not only ourselves, but also all the people around us.

KALA – there are no limits
In an infinite reality, there is no beginning or end to anything, which means that everything is unlimited. Everything is possible, and personal growth is also infinite. There is always a process of being and becoming. Without limits, everything that is infinitely possible can happen, will happen, and will happen in its infinite forms. It is a concept that is simply too big to be understood by a human brain.

MAKIA – energy flows where attention goes
Where a person’s attention is focused, there will be a directed flow of energy. This is how the Reiki healing method works and this is how the prayer method works. When someone directs their thoughts to a particular form of sensitive energy, such as a loved one, this extra energy will be present in a positive or negative form. Depending on whether the thought-forms are malicious or benevolent, the end result will be imitated.

The sending of positive energy and the hope of healing will have a positive effect. If the opposite occurs, the result will be the opposite. It is possible to amplify this phenomenon to show its effects on the global consciousness. When positive thoughts are sent to global consciousness, there will be less hostility, hatred, anger, and other malicious emotions. The 1987 Harmonic Convergence has demonstrated that this is a reality.



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