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The 10 things taught to me by my dark night of the soul.

Non-duality indicates that the dark night of the soul is an extreme encounter of our internal story or tangle of musings that make up our self-recognition.

Eckhart Tolle describes this experience of being seriously trapped with recollections and mirrors the sense of self’s dread of passing on and the dull night of the spirit could be believed to be the last final breaths of the personality before it gives way.

As indicated by the law of attraction, the dark night of the soul would be a more cognizant or subliminal decision for a physical being to encounter the extraordinary negative extremity of differentiation.

This would clarify why living in little differentiation brings greater satisfaction yet less otherworldly development and the real existence of greater differences brings more dangers yet increasingly profound development and extension; thusly the need to encounter further complexities someplace along the way is unavoidable.

Without further ado here are the 10 things that my dark night of the soul taught me.

1. The way people react to their experience is neither right or wrong.

Every single person is going through things only they can know and figure out the meaning behind them, and everyone else should not judge them for that. It does not matter what they do, we should always respect them because we are all born with equal chances and they are able to do things we can do as well, but they chose to go down a different road.

You will learn through the experience of extreme suffering that there is no right and wrong, everything is relative, and if we start respecting the different paths people choose, we will achieve inner peace.

2. Let your emotions guide you

If you don’t feel good about something, or you seem unsure of something follow your guts and do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

3. People are good

Humans are really good, humanity reigns all over the world. We are all we have, we are the light that shines through us, everyone wants the same thing, everyone wants love, and we are the only ones that can let that happen.

4. We should trust ourselves more.

Despite things working out bad, despite things happening in a way we did not expect or in a way we can’t decipher, we should not doubt ourselves, and should always have some faith and trust in ourselves.

When things feel blurry, always repeat these words ”I trust in me” and let it affect you, and your mind will drive you. And try to raise your vibrations because it is the most important thing that only you can do to yourself. It is incredible how these words can affect you and change everything.

5. Your pure consciousness is found within fun and laughter.

If you want to control someone deprive them of fun and laughter because it is extremely difficult to control a happy person, that is why most of the media shows only bad depressing news so they can be able to control us.

Try to stay away from depressing news and people that are trying to lower your mood. Instead, spend more time doing things that make you happy and fun things, and you are going to be fine.

6. Bad experiences will make you stronger.

Even if bad experiences are going to drain you out, even if they are going to tire you, they will also make you stronger.

You will learn to rely on yourself, you will be more independent. You will find out that the only person that can save you is you, your family and friends will be more important to you but you will not rely on them that much.

7. There’s no need to draw it out unnecessarily

Sometimes you go too hard on yourself and the dark night of the soul is going to punish you for all of your bad judgements and all of your wrong choices. You should always know that you create your own reality, I know this is a bit hard to understand, but yes, you are the creator of your own reality.

When you are going through hard times, you should keep in mind that you might be creating the good or the bad parent. If you know how to control your inner being and control yourself you will prevent many bad things and you will create a better reality.

8. Find pleasure in darkness, because it won’t last forever

Try to enjoy the moment whether it’s good or bad. Take a pregnant woman that is giving birth, it is an extremely painful experience yet she enjoys it because it is the only way her baby will come to life. Don’t focus on the pain only, but look for the life that hides behind it.

Sometimes in order for us to survive some things, we have to be 100% present, because the more we engage the less it affects us.

9. A little bit of reality goes a long way

When you will meet many manipulative people, you will realize that you are harming yourself by staying down and not acting big, because you will everyone use you without consent.

When you start to understand your reality, you will be able to see the things that require change and modification. It is not as simple as it sounds when dealing with manipulative people, the understanding of reality is going to be tougher and much harder than you think.

10. Self-love is all that matters

In order to know who you are you need to peel off all the layers so no one can make you think that you are something, you’re not. The driving factor of the dark night of the soul is the action of unknotting everything and reading between the lines to find a way out of the things that are holding you back.

Self-love will give you the chance to survive this terrible and dark world we live in. The outside world does affect you, and to be immune to it, you have to take self-love as a weapon.

Self-love can be your way out of depression and will help you go through the worst times of your life. Self-love is the only way you can go through the hard parts of life, and it is an amazing thing to learn.

Here is a video showcasing a poetic point of view on the dark night of the soul.


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