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Stop Explaining Yourself, Telling People Everything Isn’t Helping You.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for those six things…
Why do people feel the need to explain themselves? Is it the way we are educated? Is it society’s expectations? Why can’t we live our lives without having to explain why we do what we do? I mean, who owns what we do and why? Take a guess.

If you don’t hurt anyone or do anything illegal, it’s nobody’s business! And for those six things, I’m sure you don’t owe an explanation:

  1. your life situation
    How you live your life in your own home is nobody’s business, it’s your business. It’s nobody’s business if you live alone, with roommates, with a partner or with your ex.

If it’s okay with you, do it.

  1. your physical appearance
    We all go through physical changes in our lives. We gain weight, lose weight, dye our hair or grow a beard.

Any change in your appearance needs no explanation. Your grandmother will have to get over the fact that you have purple hair.

  1. your religious and/or political views
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read really nasty responses to a political or religious message on Facebook. Everyone has their own view of religion and politics.

And those views should be respected and no explanation is necessary.



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