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Sad Days Don’t Last Forever, Keep That In Mind.

It’s okay.

Having sad days is normal. Having your days where you feel depressed is okay. Having days when you feel pain both emotionally and physically is okay. It’s okay to not be able to talk about what you’re exactly feeling because you’re unable to. It’s okay to not know what to do when you’re feeling sad. It’s okay to cry, to feel suffocated, to hurt, and still don’t understand why.

It’s okay to have all kinds of emotions.

It’s okay to not be able to explain what’s happening to other people when they ask.

It’s okay to take some alone time and isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

It’s okay to feel ashamed.

It’s okay to feel lost and not knowing what to do.

It’s okay to feel sad, just like it’s okay to feel happy.

But how can you deal with these kinds of days? What can you do about them?

You should keep in mind that these days don’t last forever. Whatever that’s happening to you right now, and no matter how heavy it seems, it will definitely pass. No matter how lost you are, you will soon find the way.

You should keep in mind that you deserve to be happy. Even though it might sound strange to you right now. You should keep in mind that you’re allowed to feel happy for even the smallest accomplishments.

There will be days where you’ll feel extremely happy, and other days where you’ll feel overwhelmed by the sadness, and that’s totally okay. There will be days where your cheeks will hurt of laughing, and there will be days where you’ll not be able to stop the tears, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Keep in mind that you should make it through both the happiest and the saddest days of your life. Keep in mind that you’re not alone, that you have people who love you and care about you, people who are ready to be there for you and accept you for who you really are.

Keep in mind that the bad days don’t last forever, nothing does. Keep the faith inside you. Keep in mind that after every sad day, there will be a better one.


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