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People With Overthinking Minds And Sensitive Hearts Are Always Struggling.

Life can be painful and difficult for those who are sensitive and prone to rethinking.

While it is a blessing to be kind and sensitive at heart, it is at the same time painful and difficult. It allows you to be more sensitive and compassionate, but it also means that you can easily be hurt deeply. Being a person who thinks too much also has its advantages and disadvantages. In other words, you have great attention to detail and a sharp mind, but you are also overwhelmed by confusion and fear.

Think of the five things that make life extremely difficult for people with a rethinking mind and a sensitive heart:
1- they care too much about the opinions of others.
Rethinking and sensitive people tend to take everything personally. Whether it’s a joke or a fleeting comment, they can be overwhelmed by negative feelings. Therefore, friends and family members may try to encourage them to care less about what others say or do. But this can also seem like an attack on the more sensitive and upset them and hurt them deeply.

  1. They need love – and constant reassurance.

Being in a relationship with a sensitive person means making sure they feel loved, respected and cared for as much as possible. If you don’t, their rethinking can make them doubt your feelings. To go further, Mr. Reeds explains that “People who think too much need to be assured of their partner’s love. Otherwise they would never expose themselves. These people are terrified of having their hearts broken. So they prefer to play it safe.



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