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Maybe Your Unanswered Prayer Is God’s Way Of Saving You

Perhaps the things that don’t work the manner in which you need them to or the petitions that go unanswered are largely God’s method for sparing you. Possibly the things you throbbed for were not so much going to give you any harmony or joy or solace. Possibly every one of the things that split you really developed you to accept that your heart can now and again sell out you and your arrangements here and there bomb you and that is alright.

It’s alright to need something so frantically just to acknowledge it wasn’t beneficial for you. It’s alright to concede that the things you battled for didn’t battle as savagely for you on the grounds that perhaps this is God’s method for showing you how to confide in him, that in the event that you let go, on the off chance that you trust in his planning, on the off chance that you don’t make a decent attempt to surge things constantly, they will in the long run become alright.

Possibly the individuals you get joined to when you realize they’re off-base for you are simply showing you the significance of giving up, of isolating from something you want to such an extent you can discover something better. Perhaps they’re instructing you that allurements are not continually satisfying, that a few enticements look great from a remote place yet leave you feeling void when you get excessively close. Perhaps your heart moved for the wrong people so you can discover your way back to God or back to yourself. Possibly God needs your voyage to be about yourself for the time being not about adoration and that is the reason he needs your heart to have a place with you or he’s showing you how to be persistent with your heart until it finds what it really merits.

Possibly God’s method for sparing you feels like he’s bombing you. Possibly God’s method for ensuring you feels like he’s placing you in risk and perhaps every time you request harmony, you wind up going into war yet you make it out alive, possibly wounded or worn out or depleted. Possibly lost or crushed yet you make it out alive and that implies despite everything you’re intended to be here to keep battling whatever it is that is preventing you from developing, whatever it is you’re not ready to relinquish and whatever it is that is shielding you from finding your reality or your calling or your recuperating.

Perhaps things don’t get simpler on the grounds that you should become familiar with certain exercises in the most difficult way possible so you can shield yourself from further harm. Perhaps a few things need to break you so you can locate the inward solidarity to end things that reason you torment regardless of the amount you buckled down for them or wanted for them or required them. Perhaps individuals need to frustrate you or stun you so you can keep discovering adoration and approval within yourself. So you can be your own home rather than the home you made for these individuals inside your heart just for them to leave. Possibly everybody who left was showing you how to love being without anyone else so you can quit looking for another person to finish you.

Possibly everything is working out the manner in which it ought to be and God’s attempting to instruct you to quit hanging on so firmly to the pretty picture in your mind of how things should be and confide in him to paint a heavenly picture. Trust him to transform the image inside your head into a gem.


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