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If Your Child Tells You That Their Stomach Hurts, They Probably Have Anxiety.

Children are in constant development as their bodies grow. They experience many changes and reactions and most often do not know how to cope with them. Sometimes they cannot even tell if there is something wrong. Of course, how would you know as a parent if there is something wrong with your child if they don’t tell you about it? The thing is that they actually can’t talk about something they don’t know is wrong in the first place.

We as adults sometimes take it for granted that children are not as self-conscious as we are. To them, feelings are something that they are still trying to wrap their head around. For a child, dealing with all those changes can be difficult and infuriating at times, which directly affects their overall health. And as would any human being not knowing how to properly deal with something, children too develop coping mechanisms that we as parents should see as symptoms for an underlying cause.

Unlike a couple of years ago, most adults now are familiar with children’s behavior and mental disorders. People in the past certainly knew some disorders, but it wasn’t enough. However, anxiety is a mental disorder that still needs to be given the attention it needs. The majority of people still see it as something normal and do not take it seriously.

Anxiety Is Not A Normal Thing. Anxiety Is A Disorder And It Should Be Treated Like One.

For instance, let’s say your child is afraid of the dark and hides behind you. You think that it’s perfectly normal since he or she is a child, and it’ll be a passing period of fear. But what you don’t realize, and most parents in that particular situation don’t, is that your child exhibits signs of anxiety. However, you shouldn’t worry about it unless it starts to develop into something bigger. This can have lasting development and personality effects that can lead to issues in your child’s relationships, education, and life in general.

Some recent statistics have found that every child out of 8 develops an anxiety disorder. That’s why you should give anxiety attention and treat it. If left unchecked, your child would struggle with their social skills, develop sleep disorders, and start substance abuse.



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