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If you notice these 10 signs, it means that your guardian angels are watching out for you.

6 – Butterflies
In many religions and societies, the butterfly is perceived as an image of progress and change and is also associated with those who have gone before us. Since they have changed for the world of the soul, they are not always ready to return to the structure we perceive. On the contrary, they can use butterflies to connect and tell us that they are there.

7 – The animals
Focus on everything that happens around you as you go through the most difficult moments of your daily life. If you are struggling inside and you see a creature or a chick standing near you or even coming towards you as if to offer you help, there may be a reason for this. Although our guardian angels usually cannot contact us directly, they could most likely offer their support through another being.

8 – White feathers
White feathers have been considered for some time as a sign of immaculacy and harmony, which is associated with the proximity of guardian angels. If you see one on the ground, remember that it may not be a coincidence. Whether you decide to recognize its essence or pick it up and hold it, this pen could be a sign that the guardian angels are watching over you.

9 – Flashes or flashes of light
When the spiritual creatures of the spirit world enter our reality, they do not physically resemble us. Rather, they present themselves as energy that travels through our reality. Although you may not regularly see their physical quality, you can see them out of the edge of your eye. This phenomenon is regularly observed as a flashing flash or flashing bounce at the edge of our vision.

10 – Feelings or sensations
Although there are many physical and substantial signs to watch for, one must be alert to the intensity of his instincts and direct encounters. Sometimes you simply notice that someone is nearby. If this is accompanied by feelings of comfort, security, and well-being, your guardian angel may be very close to you at this time. You may also feel that someone is watching you or that you have a hand on your shoulder.


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