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If you notice these 10 signs, it means that your guardian angels are watching out for you.

The idea of guardian angels moving among us, watching over us and protecting us during our lifetime is comforting. It gives us hope that even in the darkest times we can accept that better things are at work than just what is happening on this planet. How do you know your guardian angels are at hand?

I am sure and certain that the loved ones we lose will become our guardian angels instead of leaving us. They are no longer just physically at our side but become an angel who helps, guides and protects us in every phase of our lives. That’s rather comforting, isn’t it?

Here are 10 signs that your guardian angels are with you:

1 – Cloud shapes
As a child, you probably spent time lying on a blade of grass, watching the clouds pass by and looking at the different shapes. However, if these shapes help you to remember a friend or loved one who died, they may not be as irregular as you had accepted. Spirits can use clouds to give you a message to tell you that they are there. This can include other signs, such as wings or quills, or shapes that help you remember someone explicitly.

2 – Color
Although most of us do not know it, each guardian angel is associated with an alternative color, the color that characterizes his or her energy. It is said that by wearing this nuance we can invite it into our lives, for example by welcoming it with an open welcome. In the meantime, they can use this nuance to let you know that they are near. If you suddenly begin to see a similar color everywhere you look, concentrate. Sometimes it can undoubtedly be a coincidence, but if it happens again and again, it can be a sign of something more.

3- Ringing in the ears
If you notice a ringing in your ears and there is no physical clearing, observe. When guardian angels instruct us or provide us with information, this often leads to so-called “downloads”, the death of the higher data on the other side of the ceiling. Since these data are transmitted to us in a spiritual dimension, it is possible that we are not aware that they are in progress, apart from a buzzing or humming in our ears.

4 – Music
They affirm that music is a universal language that enables societies and countries to relate to each other since all things are equal. In any case, it can also convey messages from the spiritual realm. Is there a particular melody that you share with a friend or relative? It may be that a certain melody is stuck in your head or that you see a melody playing everywhere you go. Even if this can be considered an insignificant coincidence, it may be a message from your guardian angel.

5 – Intervention of an angel
One of the most outrageous signs are people who, sooner or later in their lives, find themselves in a situation that may seem sad except for a sudden miracle. You may have narrowly missed being hit by a vehicle since you stopped looking for something you thought you saw, or you may have, following your instincts, refrained from jumping into a plane that then crashed. These supernatural events are just that, a miracle, a case of heavenly intercession. They indicate that someone is watching over you.



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