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How To React When Someone You Care For Pretends You Don’t Exist

The silent treatment is something nobody wants to encounter, especially from somebody they truly care about. Indeed, being disregarded for a couple of hours may seem as though a decent break but when it continues for a considerable length of time difficult issues are plainly present.

Presently, for the people who probably won’t be commonplace, the quiet treatment is something that people will in general use when they believe they are being wronged whether they’re directly in that sense or not. Many occasions over it is a strategy utilized by narcissists to control their sweethearts into accomplishing something that they at first wouldn’t do. While there are special cases to this the strategy itself is very youthful and doesn’t effectively resolve the current circumstance.

When your partner or somebody you care for gives you the silent treatment it leaves you feeling insignificant and as though you don’t make a difference to them by any stretch of the imagination. This sort of treatment isn’t something anybody ought to endure. This from numerous points of view sets the disposition for some major gaslighting and isn’t perfect for anybody.

In regards to the silent treatment and what it is/does Psych Central wrote as follows on their website:

The silent treatment serves many useful purposes to the perpetrator. The silent treatment is one means for him to keep his target under his control. Not only does it enable the abuser to control his target, but it also enables him to avoid discussing matters that he wants to avoid, and helps him to completely evade any types of responsibility he has in the relationship. It is also an effective tool for devaluing and discarding a target and for remaining in the “one-up” position. Mainly, it’s used as a punishment. Think about how audacious that is – the silent treatment giver deems it his superior right to punish others!

Since the target is not as adept at playing emotional head games as most narcissists are, she is completely out of her league. The target usually feels extremely anxious and, over time becomes very distressed over the lack of communication and connection. Eventually, she will do almost anything to get her loved one to start talking to her again, even apologizing for things that she didn’t even do just to get the whole thing over with. She is willing to wave the white flag because whatever caused the silence (and causes can be either imaginary or real) in the first place pales in comparison to the injury caused by being emotionally shut out with the silent treatment.



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