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Full Strawberry Moon: Are You Ready For The Biggest Energy Shift In Your Life?

This spring has been a loud season.

Stars and planets have been situated in a way that enhances change on both a little and big scale, finishing with the new moon ascending in Gemini on June 3.

For both people and communities, interruption and big choices have ruled the day. As you head into mid-month, anticipate that things should come into more honed concentration as you set your eyes on another goal.

Strawberries and Honey: Traditions of the June Full Moon

All around the world, June’s full moon has a relationship with aging and the totality of life.

In North America, indigenous people named it the Full Strawberry Moon because of the berries they gathered around that time.

In Europe, terms like Honey Moon and Mead Moon introduced late-spring as an opportunity to marry.

New married people in Europe got mead and honey as presents, a custom that presumably offered ascend to the new term “honeymoon” likely originates from this convention.

Pagan societies talk about the June full moon as the Lovers’ Moon and perform improving ceremonies. In India, married couples commend the June full moon as Vat Purnima.

This custom approaches married ladies to quick, put on especially wonderful saris, and fold a string multiple times over a banyan tree. This expressed a desire that their spouses will live long and be happy.

The Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

This month, the full moon ascends in Sagittarius in the early moments of June 17 Sagittarius carries curiosity and interest to the fore, as it mostly does when it has the full moon.

This month, that opening impact will be all the more acutely discernable. That will be because of Sagittarius’ controlling planet, Jupiter, which will be especially huge and splendid.

This Full Moon’s Influential Aspects

Due to the angles present this full moon, you can anticipate additional focus, positive thinking, and feeling safe as you seek after your objectives.

Saturn is sextile to Neptune, which implies that the two planets’ energies are functioning admirably together. Hope to have a lot of confidence in your ability to get things going. You’ll have enough of this energy to share. Use it to motivate others just as yourself.

All the more uplifting news is that Mercury is conjunct to Mars, mixing the two planets’ energies and giving you the psychological focus that you have to seek after your objectives.

You can likewise anticipate an additional portion of positive thinking and a feeling of extension from moon conjunct to Jupiter.

Your Personal Journey in the Full Strawberry Moon

For most zodiac signs, this full moon and its different angles help adventures to go well and securely. Travel is probably going to bring energy, however, work may take your concentration every once in a while.

For different bits of knowledge into how the Full Strawberry Moon will influence you, look to your introduction to the zodiac sign.

Fire Signs


The full moon in Sagittarius spells beneficial things for you if this is your sign. You can prevail in all parts of your life, both individual and professional. Pursue your impulses to travel and seek after new knowledge.


For Aries, the full moon will bring accomplishment at work and another drive toward spirituality.

If you feel the draw toward a religious or soul assembling, seek after it as a method for re-interfacing you to the universe. Remain concentrated on your work and don’t delay to request help from those near you.


This full moon carries friends and amusing to Leo. You can use your concentration to complete essential work so you can appreciate an excursion or time with friends and family. Any pessimism will presumably run its course in dreams.

They will come and go.

Earth Signs


The full moon in Sagittarius is well-situated for the Taurus to accomplish financial objectives, particularly with respect to money.

Channel your inspiration to seek after another position or a raise, whether the open door doesn’t look impeccable on paper. Pursue your heart for your pockets.


Professional development is likely to work out for the Virgo. When you feel the drive to propel your profession, grasp the nature and make your next strides.

You’ll be prepared to do what’s important to accomplish your objectives, regardless of whether you don’t love the procedure. Make the most of the inspiration and drive of this full moon.


Capricorn will feel the full power of Sagittarius’ courageous soul this full moon.

You’ll be safe, yet don’t exploit and don’t try too hard. You’ll require the motivating quality of this moon cycle to abstain from getting occupied.

Air Signs


For Gemini, the full moon in Sagittarius will have the best effect on close to relationships. There will be plenty of emotions noticeable all around and chances to make new relationships. Stay strong and keep yourself centered.


The Libra can get achievements going this full moon. You will likely feel inspired to focus on something, whether it’s a job or a relationship. Make sure to use the focal point of Mercury conjunct Mars with the goal that you don’t race into things.


Aquarius will feel solid drives identified with the production of new things. On the off chance that you link that energy toward making social connections, you’ll have the option to help that imagination and keep your own life dynamic also.

Water Signs


For Cancer, the Full Strawberry Moon motivates self-care.

The inspiration and focus of this full moon’s perspectives can enable you to adhere to another exercise schedule, improve your rest, or eat all the more restoratively.

Never ignore your spiritual development and be available to messages, particularly originating from movies and different stories.


Scorpio can anticipate financial development this month, so be available to whatever salary is coming to your direction. You may feel a compulsion to spend it imprudently. You’ll require the focus of this full moon to oppose that encourage.


Pisces joins the Taurus and Virgo in gaining career development this full moon.

Prepare for somebody to approach you with another leadership. Tap your system to get some assistance and get moving while the planets are your ally.

The more explicit you get with your birth chart, the more you can concentrate on what the moon cycle intends to you.



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