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Even The Strongest Girls Need A Break, They Deserve It.

Even the strongest girls need a break of leading the way. They need to be led by someone from time to time, they get tired of always being the leader of their steps. They need to slow down sometimes and just take a break from things. They know that it’s okay to not be able to handle things on their own cause they’re human beings too, in the end. They need to stop worrying about everything, to feel like there’s hope in someone, someone who is able to make them feel safe even on their breaks.

Even the strongest girls feel exhausted. Exhausted from being the tough one, from being the one who is always there for people when they feel down, but they never find anyone when they’re in their shoes. They’re tired of people taking them for granted and using them to take what they want then walk away.

Even the strongest girls get tired of being strong because it’s not how they were born. Being strong is learned when you go through hard times and tough experiences. Being strong only comes when you face too many heartbreaks and challenges.

Even the strongest girls miss being free, wild, and free from responsibilities. They miss the way they were before knowing how to be alone. They miss the way they were living before the world taught them how to live without counting on others.


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