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Even The Strongest Girls Need A Break, They Deserve It.

Even The Strongest Girls Need A Break, They Deserve It.

Even the strongest girls need to run away from responsibilities sometimes. They get tired of caring, they forget about appointments, they forget about bills too. They get tired of being independent. They get tired of living to feed other people’s expectations. They get tired of not letting people down. They get tired of everything they can’t change, of people who expect them to be fine without any help. They get tired of overcoming everything on their own.

Even the strongest girls need to feel loved. They don’t want to be lonely, they need someone by their sides. They’re tired of lifting themselves up all the time, of having no hand to hold when they feel down or unsafe. Sure, they don’t need a man to live their best life, but they feel like they lack something when they have no man around them. They miss having someone they can count on when things get hard. They miss the safety they feel with their men whenever they’re in need of a shoulder to lean on.

Even the strongest girls have breakdowns. When they get fed up, when they’re tired of pretending to be strong, when they can’t do it anymore. When their hearts are so heavy they can’t get out of beds. When their lives are falling apart. When they can’t keep going. When their thoughts get messed up, and when they’re losing all the strength they’ve always had.

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