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Does The Color Purple Have a Spiritual Meaning?

Violet is one of the most symbolic colors in the visible spectrum.

Throughout the history of mankind, violet has been considered a special color, from the color of royalties to the uniforms of widows.

So if you are looking for the metaphysical meaning of the color purple, stay tuned:

The temperature of violet
Violet is created by mixing red and blue.

Red is a robust and warm color, while blue is an intense and cold color. Because both are robust, violet retains the characteristics of both warm and cold colors.

This means that although it has the intense energy of red, it retains the stability and security of blue. What does violet mean spiritually?

Rarity and royalties
Violet is a very rare color in nature, only a handful of plants are able to produce a violet pigment.

It has long been suspected that this is why royalty in Europe have dressed in purple as a sign of royalty.

In this context, violet stands for richness, authority, and connection with the transcendental openness.

Metaphysical and psychic skills
Purple is a color closely related to the idea of spirituality itself.

It is also a powerful sound for the use of paranormal abilities.

Psychics often wear purple clothes and use gemstones such as amethyst, sapphire, and tanzanite, as well as perfumes from the few natural purple plants – lavender, violet, orchid, and lilac.



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