Home Mindfulness & Peace Do you frequently encounter dragonflies? They have a profound and significant meaning.

Do you frequently encounter dragonflies? They have a profound and significant meaning.

What do you feel or think when you crush a dragonfly? Do you feel that you have become lighter and happier?

The dragonfly is ultimately representative of change and evolution. It is something that puts us in contact with the spirits of nature and gives us joy. When you see a dragonfly in your life, you are challenged to change and move to a higher level of adaptation to yourself. This creature of the soul is sent to move the people who have it as a totem to achieve the progress they need in their daily lives.

The Dragonfly changes color as it grows, just as you do within yourself. The gentleness of this creature should motivate people who have it as a totem to make full use of their abilities and be versatile in all circumstances. When the soul of the dragonfly comes to you, you should examine it as much as you can.

For the Mayans, the dragonfly was the symbolic creature of the goddess of fantasy, Ix Chel. It is said that the dragonfly’s wings, held together by an enchanted air, restored it after it was almost killed. Dragonflies are the protectors we have always wanted, and they have done us much harm in our search for our true potential. The wings of a dragonfly reflect the hues of the universe and connect us uncertainly to its vitality.

As Swedish mythology tells us, dragonflies come looking for the presence of terrible spirits. They are said to crawl among children who lie down and close their eyes, ears, and mouth. One could say that it refers to all of the above to obtain a change when necessary. These species of insects have occupied the earth for almost 300 million years and their nature is unique. Whether or not you accept that they are there to guide you more deeply, there is no doubt about their importance.

Do you have something to gain from the dragonfly? I think we all do.


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