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Did you know that crows are capable of detecting faithful people and cheaters?

This charming bird has many neglected things that are remarkable, charming, and mysterious at the same time.

Austrian researchers have discovered that crows can remember the face of a “suspicious” person even weeks after meeting them. They can remember people they consider unreliable, even months after seeing them.

These mysterious blackbirds are known to have good memories. According to research conducted by specialists at the University of Vienna, Austria, crows rely on their memory to identify good and bad people.

In this study, nine ravens were prepared to exchange food with an experimenter who gave the raven a piece of bread and willingly exchanged it for a piece of cheese. At this point, the scientists and two of their colleagues confronted the crows in a steady progression. One agreed for three hours to exchange his piece of cheese for bread as agreed, the other kept the bread and then ate the cheese in front of the crow’s eyes.

The crows want to work with strong people.
At that moment, each of the crows stood simultaneously in front of the solid person (who accepted the exchange) and the cheat (who took the living without giving anything back) and another person who acted as a corrector (took the piece of bread and quickly gave it back to the bird) to test the curiosity. In this sense, the crows were able to choose the experimenter with whom they wanted to associate.

According to the study published in the Journal of Animal Behavior in June 2017, the crows associated with the experimenter they had recently recognized as reliable.



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