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According To This Study, Teens Who Argue With Their Parents Are Less Likely To Give Into Peer Pressure

Parents rethink about talking and arguing with their children as a negative thing, yet, it seems that it’s not the case within reason. Having a teenage child that likes to ‘plead’ their case might be better than you imagined.

A study from prior this decade implies that with regards to surrendering to peer pressure teenagers who contend with their folks are less inclined to yield. This examination originated from specialists at the University of Virginia and was distributed in the diary Child Development. Fundamentally, the individuals who were fit for holding their own when exchanges got warmed in their homes were likewise ready to state ‘no’ when it came to being compelled into doing things like medications.

The abstract of this study goes as follows:

The extent to which peer influences on substance use in adolescence systematically vary in strength based on qualities of the adolescent and his or her close friend was assessed in a study of 157 adolescents (age: M = 13.35, SD = 0.64), their close friends, and their parents assessed longitudinally with a combination of observational, analog, sociometric, and self‐report measures from early to mid-adolescence. The degree to which adolescents changed their levels of substance use in accord with their peers’ baseline levels of use was predicted by a range of theoretically salient factors including observed teen lack of autonomy and social support in prior interactions with mothers, low teen refusal skills, and the level of social acceptance of their close friend. Findings suggest the importance of both internal factors (e.g., autonomy and relatedness struggles) and external factors (e.g., social status of friends) in explaining why vulnerability to peer influence processes may be much greater for some adolescents than others.



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