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According To Science, Swearing Is Good For Your Health

You have probably heard or been told that swearing is not only bad for you but that it should be avoided at all costs. While we may not all follow these rules or logic, there is a negative stigma associated with swearing. But it turns out it’s really bad.

Not only is not cursing a one-way street for a sideshow in hell, but it’s also good for you. To make things even better, cursing has a number of benefits that will improve your quality of life. So the next time you feel the need to let go, go for it. In her book “Cursing is good for you”: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, Emma Byre breaks the science of blasphemy as the language of virtue.

And if opinion alone is enough to make me speak freely, her book is based on a study by Dr. Richard Stephens.

If that’s not enough for you, take a look at these seven reasons why swearing is good for you.

1- swearing increases your tolerance for pain.

In Dr. Stephen’s study, participants were asked to put their hands in ice water. When this happened, they were asked to repeat the words of the oath or neutral words. Those who used swearing kept their hands longer and endured less pain.

2- Oaths give us the illusion of control
When we swear, we feel that we have more control over the situation. It gives us a sense of power, so we are able to deal with the situation instead of fighting it.



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