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According To Science, Lies Can Affect Your Mental & Physical Health.

Whether we want it or not, most of us have been engaged in some kind of lies at some point in our lives. No matter if it’s just a white lie or a really bad one, they’re all mostly seen as bad things.

But if you think about the deeper side of it, lying is something deeper than just a bad thing to do aside from it being just a moral question.

According to a study made by Kelly Stroh, which is a professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, lying can harm both your mental and physical health.

On an average scale, we make about 11 lies in a single week. Which means that we can lie about 1-2 lies each day. Professor Kelly did this research with about 110 mentally and physically healthy people and she spent about 10 weeks with them.

She told half of the group to stop themselves from lying which means not omitting information, not dodging certain questions, and no untruths. She also told the other group to lie if they felt like doing so but they should report their lies every week.

They were supposed to go through a lie-detector test and a real questionnaire to show how they feel after the process and to give an insight into their health. The results showed that the group that didn’t lie or lied less was overall healthier.

The group that been told to not lie gave in an effort to stop lying or didn’t lie at all, so the group, in general, told fewer lies.

The study also showed that when someone makes fewer or smaller lies, it badly affects their mental health, even though the effect was smaller than the group who lied more.



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