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A master exercise in the midst of frustration

Eventually, you have to find an appropriate response of love and compassion within yourself.
If you empathize with the other person, if you try to understand how the other person feels, then you will feel more comfortable. You will find peace and tranquility if you don’t feel anger or frustration towards others or yourself. When you respond to their actions, not out of passion, you begin to see the world in a different light. Instead of fighting, you will find it easier to remain calm and forgiving.

How do you get into the habit of serenity?
How do you deal with stressful situations? Every reaction is different. Every difficult situation has its own challenges. Here are some examples of problem situations with solutions to guide you in your own life.

If the other person is going through a difficult phase and is angry, help them to calm down. If you can, listen to their frustration, offer compassion and empathy. Talk to them about how to resolve their concerns. You will find yourself in a calmer, more relaxed state.

If the other person is acting recklessly and may not be aware of the consequences of his or her actions for you, do not approach them. Instead, let them calm down before you decide to have a conversation. By explaining the consequences of their actions to you, they will understand what they can change in the future.

If it’s someone who’s not willing to talk to you about something, don’t be the idiot who forces them to talk. Instead, talk to them calmly. Do not discuss anything or anyone with them. In this case, you can ask a third party to intervene. A counselor or workplace manager could mediate the situation.

If the other person abuses, take pity on them. Find out why they feel this way and why they think this way. But don’t put yourself at risk. Try to help them get the help they need by being assertive and setting limits.
In the end, with careful practice, you can find peace from within. With a little help and these practices, you can give yourself peace, even if the situation is frustrating.


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