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A master exercise in the midst of frustration

How can you find peace in the midst of frustration? How can you learn to overcome difficulties when you seem to have no motivation left?

It can be frustrating when nothing seems to be going right. Sometimes you can be emotionally closed in on yourself, and sometimes you can show yourself to others.

It’s a struggle for everyone. Even experts in calmness and attention can find themselves in a situation where it is difficult to remain calm and rational. It is easier to give in to frustration and anger, but is it possible to practice calm in the midst of frustration?

Does this question sound familiar? When people feel overwhelmed, it may be more natural to blame someone else. But with practice, it is easier to practice calmness instead of causing more chaos.

In the hope that things can get better and calmer, people can better control themselves. How you deal with your frustration makes a difference in your life.

How do you deal with frustrating situations?
A crisis situation is a situation where you are forced to make a quick decision, and often this decision will have serious consequences in the future. Sometimes frustrating situations can make you do things you don’t want to do and feel things you don’t want to feel. But it’s also these frustrating times that make you want to change.

How do you deal with this? This is the question you need to find the answer. It all starts when you start working on good habits. Instead of exploiting them, here are some tips for overcoming frustrating situations:

First, get in the habit of taking positive action as soon as possible.
Allow yourself to benefit from this change. If you feel frustrated or angry, consider what steps you should take. Take a short break and enjoy it. If you take note of what needs to be done and the positive steps you are taking, nothing can stop you from doing the right thing.

Second, let your mind and bodywork together.
It is easier to overcome difficulties if you are able to calm your body and mind. You can’t think about doing something without allowing yourself to take a deep breath. Focus your attention on your body and everything it feels. Allow yourself to explore all the feelings associated with frustration. It can be overwhelming. Continue with this feeling. Allow yourself to be curious about it. Take advantage of this intense feeling before you do anything.

Third, be open to the feeling.
Be there and enjoy it. Or at least be compassionate about what you’re feeling when you’re frustrated inside. Only then can you feel comfortable with the situation and the feeling. This way you have more time and space to rest.

Fourth, find time to get in touch with other people.
This step is difficult to find, especially if your frustration is centered on a particular person and one of the last things you want to do is connect with that person. But maybe understanding their side of the story can help you reduce your frustration. When the heart closes, then the whole problem begins. Open up a little. It’s a challenge, but it’s the kind of transformative practice that will get you to a better place.



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