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9 Signs A Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You And Protecting You from Evil!

Do you feel like your life is affected by higher beings? Like Demigods, Angels, and Spirits? Sometimes, we feel our angels protecting us, especially when we are surrounded by fear, confusion, negative energy and the feeling of being lost.

There are many things that influence our environment and we should all know how to identify them.

Guardian angels are our personal guardians, they send us peace, insight, and wisdom. They are always there to support you and give you the help you need to go on the right path with your life. You might spend long years trying to understand the messages and signs from your angels. But they are always there to watch over you and protect you. They give you the angelic energy, the wisdom you need, they show you the right direction and do everything right.

9 Signs an Angel Is Watching Over You:

Angelic voices

This is the most obvious sign of an angel being around you. It’s maybe a nudge or a whisper in your head. If you experience this, you should ask the angel to speak louder so you can hear well. They will hear you and respond to you. But don’t confuse the voice of angels with the voice of your mind or imagination.

A sudden temperature change

If you suddenly feel a warm rush, it might be a sign that your guardian angel is there. This might come with a tingle in your neck.

A change in air pressure

The change in air pressure is a huge sign that an angel is near you. You might feel the air going out of the room.



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