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6 Signs You Were Reincarnated Into Your Current Life

Many cultures and religions believes that reincarnation happens after ones death, this idea fascinated people for a very long time, and a lot of theories came to life o explain this phenomenon, it is believed that when a person dies, it is only the body that goes away but the soul carry on existing until it reaches its next birth. Some believe that reincarnation happens to humans only, but other believe that every living creature experiences reincarnation.

Reincarnation is explained by the fact that the reincarnated person did not achieve some goals in life, or they died before completing their lives mission. Or in other cases the reincarted can be a guide or an assistant to other people in their spiritual journey, the reincarnated can either provide assistance in anything linked to spiritual guidance or help people to have a better understanding of life. And in other cases reincarnation happens to amend for the wrong deeds that’s been caused by the person in their previous life, and to get rid of the negative energy surrounding them.

Even though your soul lived so many lives, you don’t have any memories from past lives, because they are trapped in your subconscious, they manifest their presence through different forms that are often undetectable, through sounds, smells, or location you recognize even though you have no memory about them.

Without further ado here are 6 reincarnation signs:

1- It is difficult to deceive you

This is a sign that you hav lived past live, that is why you have a natural gift of not being deceived, this comes through the past experiences you had in previous lives. You can have a hard time remembering your former lives but it does not matter because through them you could have such a strong instinct. Letting your instinct drive you gives you the ability to know if someone is trying to fool you or not.

2- You can understand your emotions and other peoples emotions as well.

You have a deeper understanding and knowledge about feelings that makes you a very sensitive and caring person. You do not just know and understand, but you are able to feel the emotions of people surrounding you, even if they try to hide them. You feel some sort of connection to people that went through bad experiences and have negative emotions, that makes want to help and make them feel better.

3 – You experience Deja-Vu frequently.

Most people experience deja-vu but very rarely throughout their lives, but only the reincarnated will experience it a lot. A deja-vu can be triggered by smells, sounds, places or feelings that makes you feel like you lived and experienced these things, in fact they are burried memories of your past lives.

4– You learned a lot of life lessons

When you go through life, you will notice that you came across many experiences and events that made you you learn a lot of important life lessons more than normal people. When people are living their life normally and letting everything flow, you find yourself going through many experiences and learning many lessons that make you grow as an individual.

5 – Your dreams and goals are relistic

Your dreams are different than those of most people, your dreams seems to be very close to reality. When waking up you constantly ask yourself whether it was a dream or not, and you ask yourself if these experiences really happened. Those dream are actual memories from your past lives, they were kept in your subconscious and they manifest their existence through your dreams.

6 – You feel homesick even though you are at home

As you carry on living you always feel like you are not home, and you don’t belong anywhere you call home. This feeling is explained by being an experience of some kind of events in your current life that set off your past life memories.

Here’s a video showcasing some reincarnation stories:


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