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5 Signs You May Be A Nontraditional Shaman

“Ghost talker? Vision poet? Soothsayer? Oracle? Bridge between worlds? There are many ways to describe shamans and the shamanism they practice, but basically shamanism is the most ancient spirituality, and for the most part, you don’t choose it –it chooses you.” ~Shadow of the Shaman

Shamanism is a mixed idea. It rises above culture. It crushes convention into custom and concocts change. From the customary to the nontraditional, shamanism wears the greatest number of veils as can be envisioned: wolf cover, owl veil, whale cover – inborn shaman, urban shaman, catastrophe shaman. In any case, above all else it uncovers the bare defenselessness of the human condition underneath all covers. It uncovers the interconnectedness between all things.

Nontraditional urban shamans, or neo-shamans, give an approach to current mutually dependent creatures to get sufficiently autonomous to interface reliantly with the more noteworthy universe. They give a hallowed space to individuals who are adhered in the nine-to-five drudgery of present day life to shed their thick city “skin” and become progressively powerless and personal with universe and soul.

For the neo-shaman, church is all over the place; consecrated ground is all spots. They are here to cross over any barrier between alternate extremes. They are here to forfeit reality. They are here to disintegrate the Matrix and uncover the Desert of the Real. They are here for self image disintegration and deep upheaval. The greater part of all, they are here to drag the layman – kicking and shouting if need be–into a future unbounded.

Here are five signs you might be a neo-shaman:

You’ve Been Initiated by a Dark Night of the Soul

“We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart.”  ~Pema Chödrön

Life is a rollercoaster ride, yet you’ve figured out how to value the highs and gain from the lows. As a shaman, you have encountered the most elevated highs, in numinous capture and otherworldly wonderment, yet you have likewise encountered the least lows, in the spirit pounding grasp of a Dark Night of the Soul. Or on the other hand even numerous Dark Nights.

It was in the Dark Night that the shrouded fortune of your introduction was uncovered. In the most depressing dark your heart clasped and obscured, yet a significant enchantment originated from it that rose above paradise and damnation. It moved you past great and wickedness. This enchantment usurped your soul and honed your spirit into a multi-edged sword that challenges to cut profound into the core of all things.

The greater part of all, the Dark Night uncovered the beating rankle of your early stage wound, the waiting injury that we as a whole offer as humans. In that capacity, you are a mobile injury similarly as seriously as you are a mobile reflection, yet you are an injury in the throes of steady mending. For sure, as Terence McKenna significantly expressed, “It is of the principal request of significance to recall this, that the shaman is more than just a debilitated man, or a maniac; he is a wiped out man who has recuperated himself, who is restored, and who must shamanize so as to stay relieved.”

You’re Able to Carry Magic Elixir Between Worlds

Real shamans have consistently been melody catchers.” ~Bradford Keeney



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