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10 Signs You’ve Been Neglected As A Child.

Child neglect is a type of child abuse, and it’s a deficiency in meeting a child’s main needs, including the inability to give enough supervision, health care, or housing, as well as other physical, mental, emotional, and security needs.

Child neglect leads to many problems that don’t show up until you grow up, so if you can relate to these 10 signs, you’ve probably been a victim of child neglect in your childhood.

Need self-restraint

You’re too afraid to stand up for yourself that you let people feel that you are wrong as opposed to coming clean with them. Thus, you keep falling further into the pit of your shortcomings.

Something’s missing

You’re feeling incomplete and you don’t have any idea how to be a complete human being. You feel denied of love but can’t place a finger on it since you never know what real love feels like.


You’re happy with being alone. Regardless of whether you need help, you could never ask for it. It might even make it entirely awkward working with others.

You like to be separated from everyone else

No matter what happens, you’re always left with the idea that you don’t fit in this world, and you’re convinced that spending time alone is the best for you. You feel detached and separated from everyone else.



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