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10 Signs That You Are An Indigo Person, A Star Child Who’s Here To Change The World

Devil’s Advocate

You don’t aimlessly pursue the general thought of a point, essentially in light of the fact that the crowd tails it. You have your own arrangement of thoughts and convictions which can lead you to search for a differentiating conclusion to the equivalent.


You completely hate lies. If somebody is really deceiving you, you would prefer not to release it. You continue dogging until reality at last surfaces. Yet, this may put on a show of being hounded conduct, which could be unfavorable to your relationships.

Natural Leader

You can get very disobedient when you see things aren’t moving the manner in which they should. It may cause you to conflict with the standard and challenge the expert for that position. All things considered, that is you.


Goes well with resistance. You are incredibly defiant, and could never acknowledge oppression unobtrusively. You try to spare people from oppression, which separates you from the rest.

Old Soul

You are one of those ‘old spirits living in a youthful body’ person. You feel as though you have carried on a hundred lives before living this one.

What’s more, to be perfectly honest, you get baffled seeing the moderate-paced nature of things. However, you are constantly charmed by the progressions made by individuals in the age that you right now possess.


You give it a second thought. As much as you should achieve that ‘terrible kid’ persona, we all realize that you care strongly. The earth, mankind, the intrinsic existential emergency, you care pretty much all these.

You try to improve the states of the people you encircle yourself with, despite the fact that you can be reckless and inconsiderate now and again.

All in all, do you think you are an Indigo child? Tell us in the remarks!


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