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You should find a home and an adventure in your significant other

Your significant other, soulmate, path companion, or whatever you choose to call him or her, should be your home and where you feel comfortable the most. That person should also make you feel like going through an endless adventure. You should feel both things while being with the person you love because it is a connection that ties two hearts together not just two people.

When you are with your significant other, everything should feel like an adventure, when going on vacation, when washing the dishes, when doing house chores and even at work. Everything should feel exciting, everything should be interesting. It is not only an adventure when travelling, but it is also an adventure even when doing normal everyday stuff.

Trying new things is also an adventure, it can be either listening to new music, watching a new movie or just trying a new restaurant. You should feel like your having the time of your life when you spend time talking about random stuff for hours. Spending a night out and taking a long walk afterward is truly an amazing adventure.

With your significant other, everything feels like an adventure even those boring and annoying house chores. Also your significant other can provide you a house, not the physical house only, but when you are together, you feel like being finally at home.

Adventure can make you feel tired right? Especially if you have different ones every day. That is why being around your soulmate should make you feel like you are finally home. You will feel warm after just laying down and talking about your day, what movies you like and what music you started enjoying recently. And cuddling while watching your favorite series, movie or just favorite YouTuber can feel incredibly special despite it being incredibly simple. Your partner becomes your home.

When you are with your partner everything is going to feel and sound special as if you are going through an endless pleasant adventure. The boring things that you once hated doing just because you to do them become incredibly different when doing them with your soulmate because they feel more like an adventure than an obligation. Every little moment counts and everything you do becomes special.

You will be each other’s support, you will rely on each other, you will trust each other, and most importantly, you will LOVE each other. Your souls are going to be one and you will feel an incredible bond linking your hearts. You will go through bad and rough times because you are there for each other. You will start connecting deeply to your partner’s feelings.

Isn’t that one of the greatest adventures ever?


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